A little bit of planning goes a long way in alleviating the stress for any move local or long distance.
By following our easy guide checklist you can ensure you are prepared for the move and none of the details are forgotten.

6-8 Weeks Prior to the Moving Date

  • Start the purge – go through your home room by room and decide which items will be moved, which will be donated and which will be thrown out.
  • Start requesting quotes and information from reputable moving companies, allowing you the time to sort through the offers, choose whom is best suited for your moving needs and prepare your budget
  • Create your own moving binder or checklist, this will allow you to keep track of all your quotes, receipts, inventory and items that you may have questions about in regards to packing and preparation.
  • Organize your familys school and medical records so it will be easily accessible when you relocate to your new home.
  • Start trying to use up items you cannot or would prefer not to move, such as food from the freezer and pantry, cleaning supplies and toiletries
  • Order your moving supplies, such as boxes, packing paper, tape, markers, etc.

4-6 Weeks Before

  • Confirm your moving arrangements, by this time you should have a mover in mind that has earned your business, the moment you are ready to move forward you should contact your company to solidify the arrangements.
  • Start Packing – we recommend packing the least used items first, such as out of season clothing and shoes, photo albums, holiday decorations, books, hobby materials or anything else that you will not have need for leading up to the move
  • Separate valuables – items such as collectible coins, stamps, jewelry, passports and medical/insurance/banking files should be kept on your person and not included as a part of the shipping
  • Do a change of address – simply go online or to your local post office to complete the necessary forms and assign the start date of the service?
  • Notify your banks, employers, any home delivery subscriptions of the move date to ensure they have ample time to change their records.

2-4 Weeks Before the Move

  • Notify your employer, your childrens school or caregivers of the date of the move, arrange for the time off required to prepare for the move and be present at the time of the move
  • Contact your moving company to reconfirm the arrangements and to ensure any needed changes have been made
  • Refill any prescriptions or close any accounts with local businesses that you will not have use for in your new location

The Week and Days Leading up to Your Move

  • Prepare your suitcases for your personal travel, reconfirm flight/train arrangements or if you are driving take your vehicle in for an inspection to ensure it is safe for travel
  • Defrost and clean the freezer, fridges and stove. It is important to ensure this is done in advance, as the last aggravation you want on moving day is to have to do this while the movers are present
  • Double check drawers, cupboards, crawl spaces, sheds to ensure there is nothing left behind.