The Moving Process

Getting Ready

Our relocation specialists are trained to assess your moving needs and requirements, they ask the right questions and provide you with all the information you will need to properly prepare for your move.  We ensure all your moving, packing, storage and specialty needs are clearly explained and noted to ensure the seamless experience you deserve.

Preparing for Your Move

Packing Your Boxes

Our service does NOT include the packing of your household items into boxes, however we have many options for our professional packing services. Please contact one of our relocation specialists to determine a plan based on your individual needs.

The Pickup

Our specially trained moving crews are prepared to assist you with all your moving and packing needs. Our crews are there to assist you with anything you need.

Included in Your Standard Service

  • Protective coverings to protect your floors, walls and railings
  • High quality ultra-thick moving pads used to wrap and protect your furnishing
  • Labelling all items picked up as part of your shipment, coded, colored stickers are used to label all items individually for each client’s move.
  • Detailed and clear inventory explaining the contents of your shipment
  • Properly organizing and arrangement of items to ensure the safest loading and moving practices.
  • Loading all of your inventoried items onto and off of the trucks safely
  • A copy of your inventory list and moving agreement (Bill of Lading) will be left at the time of the pickup/loading
  • Basic Liability Coverage
  • Redelivery from our secure storage facilities (in various areas) – no matter the length of storage required

Though we highly recommend being present for both the loading (pickup) and offloading (delivery), if for any reason, you are unable to be present at the location of the loading, it is your responsibility to ensure that an agent of your choosing is there on your behalf for the supervision of the crew and the signing of the moving agreement (bill of lading) and the inventory list

Preparation of Your Moving Inventory

The lead crew member will prepare a detailed inventory list, stating the description of each item and the condition of the items, noting any pre-existing damage or other conditions.  It is important that you are present with the lead member so you are able to point out any considerations for special handling or concerns. You will be required to sign the inventory, as is the driver as acknowledgment that the information is correct, please keep this document with your moving records for use at the time of the delivery to your new home.

At the time of the pickup the crew leader will also present your moving agreement (Bill of Lading).  This is a contract between Alliance and the client to authorize Alliance to transport your goods and to confirm the agreement of charges.

Delivery Planning

It is of the utmost importance that you contact your relocation specialist once you have arrived in your new home town, allowing your relocation specialist the ability to plan the final arrangements for your delivery or ongoing storage needs.

Once the delivery arrangements have been made, you can speed up the process by having a room by room plan in mind and ensuring driveways, walk ways and hallways are cleared and easy to maneuver your precious goods once the crew arrives.

As the crew is offloading (delivering) the items into your new home it is best that you have the inventory sheet with you, this way you can check off on the sheet as well to ensure the items are complete and accounted for.


Alliance offers many methods of payment for our services, you will be provided with your weight and charges in advance, allowing ample opportunity to prepare payment by one of our accepted methods.  Our delivery crews are required to collect payment in full prior to your shipment being delivered into your new home.

Unpacking of Boxes

Though our crew will deliver all items into your new home, unpacking of the boxes is not included in the cost of the move. Arrangements can be made in advance with your relocation specialist to unpack boxes you have had Alliance pack.  You will be responsible for recycling or disposing of the materials used for the packing of contents unless prior arrangements are made in advance.